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Happy 150th Anniversary NOAA!

In honor of NOAA’s contributions, I’d like to highlight their successes and illustrate their importance in the health and preservation of our natural resources, especially our oceans. [more]

Interview With Canadian Sustainability Blogger & Ocean Advocate Ryan Cope

“What I hope when people read the book is that they ask ‘Are illegal fishing fleets really out there plundering the high seas of its biodiversity?’” [more]

Chief Seattle

Reflect on the words of Chief Seattle, “All things are connected, what befalls the earth, befalls the sons and daughters of the earth.” [more]

Charities Fighting for Our Oceans

Over 90% of consumable fish are overexploited and critical fisheries are at the brink of collapse. Learn what organizations are doing to save them. [more]

Audiobook Release!

Varuna is now available on audiobook! [more]

Illegal and Unregulated Fishing

Although Varuna is a work of fiction and set halfway around the world, illegal and unregulated fishing, the crime at the heart of the book’s action, is a very real and serious global problem which directly affects all Americans…[more]

Varuna Audiobook Coming Soon!

The thriller audiobook will be available for purchase at the end of February…[more]

Scuba Diving for Varuna

The idea for Varuna, my thriller novel, first started taking shape while scuba diving in Komodo National Park in Indonesia…[more]

How I Got Into Scuba Diving Part 1

I’d bought a used scuba tank and regulator, and with no lessons, I’d dive as deep as the deepest parts of the lake would allow until I’d run out of air…[more]

How I Got Into Scuba Diving Part 2

I dropped out of the University of Oklahoma to become a commercial diver…[more]

New Thriller Novel Now Available!

New thriller novel now available on Amazon, iTunes, and Nook! [more]

Debut Thriller Book Release

I was just notified by my publisher that Varuna’s worldwide release date is December 16, 2019! [more]

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