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Illegal and Unregulated Fishing

Although Varuna is a work of fiction and set halfway around the world, illegal and unregulated fishing, the crime at the heart of the book’s action, is a very real and serious global problem which directly affects all Americans.

Varuna audiobook is in the works!

The audiobook will be available for purchase by the end of January.

Dive Scenes in Varuna

The idea for the story first started taking shape while on a dive in Komodo National Park in Indonesia.

How I got into diving

When I was growing up, my dad was an engineer for a major oil company and spent a lot of time working in Alaska.

How I got into diving (2)

I dropped out of the University of Oklahoma midway through my freshman year back in ’73 to become a commercial diver.

Book Release

I was just notified by my publisher that Varuna’s worldwide release date is December 16, 2019!

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