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Interview With Canadian Sustainability Blogger & Ocean Advocate Ryan Cope

“What I hope when people read the book is that they ask ‘Are illegal fishing fleets really out there plundering the high seas of its biodiversity?’” [more]

Chief Seattle

Reflect on the words of Chief Seattle, “All things are connected, what befalls the earth, befalls the sons and daughters of the earth.” [more]

Charities Fighting for Our Oceans

Over 90% of consumable fish are overexploited and critical fisheries are at the brink of collapse. Learn what organizations are doing to save them. [more]

Audiobook Release!

Varuna is now available on audiobook! [more]

Illegal and Unregulated Fishing

Although Varuna is a work of fiction and set halfway around the world, illegal and unregulated fishing, the crime at the heart of the book’s action, is a very real and serious global problem which directly affects all Americans…[more]

Varuna Audiobook Coming Soon!

The thriller audiobook will be available for purchase at the end of February…[more]

Scuba Diving for Varuna

The idea for Varuna, my thriller novel, first started taking shape while scuba diving in Komodo National Park in Indonesia…[more]

How I Got Into Scuba Diving Part 1

I’d bought a used scuba tank and regulator, and with no lessons, I’d dive as deep as the deepest parts of the lake would allow until I’d run out of air…[more]

How I Got Into Scuba Diving Part 2

I dropped out of the University of Oklahoma to become a commercial diver…[more]

New Thriller Novel Now Available!

New thriller novel now available on Amazon, iTunes, and Nook! [more]

Debut Thriller Book Release

I was just notified by my publisher that Varuna’s worldwide release date is December 16, 2019! [more]

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