“I was drawn on this adventure through the lushness that is Indonesia to the gripping end in one sitting. What a fun ride!”

Cathy, Goodreads reader

“What an eco-thriller! Varuna was a page turner from start to finish with several lines of intrigue; the readers become involved in the choices desperate, poor people have to make to survive… Highly recommend!”

Kacey, Amazon reader

“Phil Vincent’s Varuna is a page turning sea faring adventure that hooks you from the opening chapter and does not let go.”

Chris, Amazon reader

 “I was drawn on this adventure through the lushness that is Indonesia to the gripping end in one sitting. What a fun ride!”

Cathy, Goodreads reader

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Q & A with Phillip Vincent

Growing up we had a cabin on a lake where I spent a good part of each summer. Every day was filled with swimming, skiing, canoeing and snorkeling, and as I got older, spearfishing. My heroes were Lloyd Bridges of Seahunt and Jacques Cousteau. I dreamed of being one of his crew on Calypso. My Dad was a petroleum engineer and sometimes worked on offshore rigs. One day he brought home a tank and rudimentary regulator. I took it and taught myself to dive.

That’s a hard one to answer. Darwin’s Arch in the Galapagos and Vicente Roca’s on Cocos Island come to mind. But there are also cenotes in the Yucatan peninsula which connect to the ocean whose beauty are otherworldly.

Two things really. First, I wanted to tackle a challenge in life that was out of what I considered my wheelhouse, just to see if I could really do it. Second, I wanted to bring to light the issue of illegal fishing. I felt that by writing a novel with this crime at the center of the action could help shed light on it for a group of people that might not otherwise hear about it.

Bits and pieces. For example, I’ve seen diving accidents like the one I described. I was also present on Cocos Island when the brave park rangers, armed only with small caliber revolvers, ran to their tiny boat to try to chase away a giant trawler, knowing they might be fired upon from the ship.

All the characters are an amalgamation of people I’ve known or interacted with in some way, including Anand.

Steven King, Clive Cussler, Larry McMurtry, and Steig Larsson are a few of the authors who come to mind.

There are three really important things we can all do: 1) Donate to any of the charities I list on my website. Even if the amount you can afford is small, numbers of supporters matters. They are doing fantastic work trying to save our oceans and our food supply. 2) Vote for political candidates who support efforts to protect the environment, and 3) Before buying that fish sandwich, sushi, or filet ask whether the fish they are selling was sustainably caught and let them know that it informs your choice of where you will spend your money.

Get certified by a reputable organization and instructor and then ease into it by making your first dives in warm, calm, clear, and shallow waters with a small group. Don’t be pressured into diving deeper or in places you don’t feel comfortable. Take it slow and you’ll be exposed to a whole new world!

I am currently working on a calendar of events for book signing events which will also have a presentation about the threat posed by  illegal and unregulated fishing practices.

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